More Stress Writing…

I am heading to my parents place on Saturday. It looks like the end is near. I’m trying to be more forgiving of my siblings issues because it’s not worth being angry about. (This resolution will probably fall as soon as someone says something crummy) Both my mom and my sister suspect I will arrive and Dad will die, that he’s waiting for that. Which in part is why I have hesitated to go but it is what it is.

I’m upset, of all things, that my dad isn’t going to get an opportunity to read my novel. He never caught the wave for reading a file on a tablet so I never sent the file. I can also be pretty honest and say its not a story that would have piqued his interest if I wasn’t his daughter – he tended towards Clive Cussler and Robert Ludlum and Tom Clancy. I was curious though, how he would feel about my writing a novel set in his homeland… Dad always referred to his childhood in England as “living in a third world country” so who knows?

I’m taking my fics with me on the tablet. I think the end is very close but I suspect that means there will be lengthy hours of sitting in the living room waiting for the end and writing does relieve stress for me. (It also allows me to hide away from various family members who will be fighting.)

I’m struggling really hard to not be selfish and to be supportive.


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